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Six ways to make money via blogging

                         There are so many ways of adding advertisements to your blog. Choosing the right method depends on what type of ads you want shown on your blog and which online advertising program you want to sign up with. Some of the most popular ad publishing companies for blog advertising include Google AdSense and Yahoo Publisher but there are many more options available. Once you have chosen which publishers to use to add ads to your blog you can sign up for their service through their website and follow their requirements for displaying ads on your blog.

Google AdSense

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    Place contextual ads on your blog using Google AdSense. Contextual ads work by first determining what type of content is shown on your blog and then delivering ads that match the nature of the content (for example, if your blog is about real estate the contextual ads may be about real estate agents). You don't have to worry about which specific ads to show because Google does that for you.

Yahoo Publisher

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    Use Yahoo Publisher as an alternate to Google AdSense if you have a blog that gets a lot of traffic (high number of visitors each day). Yahoo Publisher only displays contextual ads on websites and blogs that have high traffic but the revenue is generally considered to be higher than Google AdSense, so if you qualify to place ads on your blog through Yahoo Publisher it can prove beneficial for you.


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    Take a risk by using Adbrite for contextual ads if you feel the risk is worth taking. There is a risk involved because even though using Adbrite can increase the income that you earn through your blog, many of the ads displayed by Adbrite are for gambling and promiscuous businesses. Such ads may offend your blog viewers and decrease your blog traffic, depending on the nature of your blog content and target audience.

Advertising Networks

  1. 4
    Pick specifically which ads you want to display on your blog through advertising networks. You have to have very high blog traffic to be considered by advertising networks (at least a few thousand visitors per day) but if you qualify, you can depend on a more steady income coming through well-established advertising corporations that usually pay handsomely to place ads on your blog. You can also provide information directly about your blog and select what type of advertisements you want shown. Here are some advertising networks that you can look into for adding advertisements on your blog.
    • Blogads
    • BuzzMachine
    • Federated Media
    • TechCrunch

Affiliation Advertisements

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    Add affiliation ads to your blog if you feel that your blog visitors would be interested in purchasing products from another website. For example, if your blog is about books you could join Amazon's Associates Program, which is an affiliate program that will pay you every time someone goes to Amazon using an advertisement on your blog and makes a purchase. Usually you are paid a percentage of the purchase amount, similar to how a salesman earns commission for selling products that are offered for sale by other companies.

Links Within Blog Text

  1. 6
    Sign up for services such as Text Link Ads if you want to get paid for text links on your blog. For example, let's say you wrote a blog post about auto repair. Text Link Ads or a similar online advertising program may decide to pay you for changing the words "auto repair" in your blog into a text link that leads to the website of the auto repair company that is paying for the advertisement. 1 great benefit of text link ads is that they don't use any additional space on your blog design to add ads to your blog, you merely change the text that already exists into a link
  2. *infollinks etc.

Ad publishers for the advertisers 

                    Apart from the Google adsense and yahoo publishers there are lots of ad publishers to advertise various products and services through various websites and blogs. based on the topic advertisers have the freedom to choose which is the best website or blog to place there ad's. one of the important thing to be noted is the traffic of the blog/website which you are going to place your ad. then only get the maximum viewers to your ad. some of the Ad publishing sites are as follows.

                  Infolinks etc.

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